Tom Crossley, Global COO, Green Park Content

"Co:definery helped us with knotty internal projects exploring purpose, positioning and proposition development. As they can (and do) take up huge amounts of time, effort and energy, thankfully the whole process was quick, efficient, and enjoyable. Robin cut through the crap, helped us focus and most importantly we're very happy with the results"

Phil Goodman, CEO, Brandwidth

"Robin was instrumental in helping us make sense of our proposition. Not only was he a pleasure to work with, the results of the work are proving to be very effective with clients and prospects"

Andy Budd, Founder & CEO, Clearleft

"As someone with a bit of distance from Clearleft, Robin gave us a fresh perspective on our creds, helping us see the wood amongst the trees. He quickly honed in on strengths we were underplaying, as well as irrelevancies which we dropped. The output was a much tighter explanation of our offering, that hit all the right notes, so we were super happy with the results"

James Simpson, Managing Director, Harvest Digital

"Rob brought clarity to our discussions and lead the team to a solution that feels very collaborative. Everyone feels like they own the outcome, which is a huge talent. He's well connected, very professional and simplifies complex processes. Very happy to recommend"

Hugh Robertson, Founder, RPM

“Rob challenged us to refine our story. He really cares, letting his expertise shine and standing his ground in a gentle and authoritative way. It was really important to us that this piece of work could be operationalised and he was just as strong at making it practical as he was with his philosophy – a rare quality. He’s a joy to work with and kept his promises every time”

Anthony Martin, CEO, BAMM

"I really enjoyed working with Co:definery. Developing an agency story is notoriously difficult, but Robin brought a clear perspective on what clients are looking for and how we could stand out. He challenged us to find the edge of our comfort zone, which definitely took us further"

Ete Davies, MD, AnalogFolk

“Co:definery helped us translate our business mission into a clear narrative for our entire customer experience. Disarming, intuitive and direct, Robin immediately understood how the wider business and organisational context was affecting our decision-making and why we were struggling. We continue to apply his advice and recommendations”

Tim Malbon, Founder, Made by Many

“We started out quite sceptical, but Co:definery quickly understood the challenges and gave us a new perspective. It’s like having a personal trainer – we’ve been gently forced to push harder and reach further. It’s been really helpful and inspired a whole bunch of good stuff we couldn’t have predicted”

Will Shaw, Director – Service Design, Globant

“Working with Rob changed how I think about new biz. His mentoring and development approach helped shift my understanding of how to deal with new biz in an agency environment and has improved my client relationships”

Marco Scognamiglio, Global CEO, RAPP

“I found Robin to be very professional in the execution of his work. He worked hard and always supported his team. I am very happy to recommend him”

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