Marco Scognamiglio, Global CEO, RAPP

“I found Robin to be very professional in the execution of his work. He worked hard and always supported his team. I am very happy to recommend him”

Matt Boffey, Managing Director, LSU

“Co:definery brought fresh rigour to our new-business strategy. Since then, not only has LSU grown, but our revenue is now spread far more sustainably across our key clients. Their understanding of client needs helped us really sharpen our product/market fit”

Justin Cooke, CEO, Possible (WPP)

“Robin is the consummate new-business professional. Well-connected, experienced, hard-working and a great way with people”

Conor McNicholas, CEO, AllTogetherNow (WPP)

“Robin has a real knack for demystifying new business. Because he knows what works so well, he cuts to the chase on what makes the biggest difference for us”

Anthony Martin, CEO, BAMM

"I really enjoyed working with Co:definery. Developing an agency story is notoriously difficult, but Robin brought a clear perspective on what clients are looking for and how we could stand out. He challenged us to find the edge of our comfort zone, which definitely took us further"

Matt McNeany, CEO, Code Worldwide (Omnicom)

“Lovely bloke, knows new-business inside-out, gets stuff done”

Sean King, CEO, Seven C3

“Rob is the one of best newbiz guys I’ve ever worked with. We clicked from our first meeting. He’s smart, hard-working and delivers results”

Pete Grech, CEO, BRND WGN

“Every CEO needs a wake-up call once in a while. Robin made me realise we were jumping into Biz Dev blind – now we’re focused on what really matters and running with a new sense of confidence and momentum. I’d definitely recommend Co:definery”

Kelly Wright, Founder, Wild Things (Lucky Generals)

“As a start-up, working with Co:definery was exactly what I needed. Quick, collaborative and tangible, I now have a plan for scaling new-business as we grow”

Kevin Allen, former Chief Growth Officer, Interpublic

“Robin is a rare find, a true business development pro, who understands both the emotional intelligence required to connect and win with clients, but also the military like precision required to create and deploy complete growth programs”

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