Boost agency performance with our fast-paced group mentoring programme, designed to help rising stars perform better, grow confidence and feel more fulfilled in their work.

Sitting just below the C-Suite, the so-called ‘B-Suite’ is mission-critical to agency performance. When these future leaders thrive, they influence every aspect of the day-to-day. This in turn liberates senior leaders to focus on the bigger picture. 

But the B-Suite have a lot on their plates. As well as often running teams for the first time, they’re also navigating hybrid work and changing workplace values. No wonder many are wrestling with productivity, purpose and confidence. 

This is why traditional skills training may not offer the best support. Once the B-Suite return to their desks, if learnings aren’t grounded in their wider personal context, then change rarely sticks. 

That’s why Co:definery’s B-Suite Bootcamp is different. 

What is B-Suite Bootcamp? 

B-Suite Bootcamp is our Group Mentoring Programme for future leaders, new managers and rising stars. 

Blending professional and personal development, Bootcamp is proven to help participants feel more confident and capable in their roles. 

For six weeks, we challenge and inspire them. Everyone plays an essential role in a cohort with a common cause – to dig deep, embrace their blockers and design new ways of thriving at work.

“An eye-opening course that challenged me and my thinking around how I work and how that can improve my team”

Each week, we co-create the next step in participants’ personalised ‘Game Plan’ – from motivation and goal setting, to mastering time, maximising their influence and creating long-lasting habits. 

Participant benefits:

  • Immersive group mentoring from agency experts
  • Content tailored to participants’ real-world priorities 
  • Delivers a personalised, step-by-step plan to thrive at work
  • Exclusive access to innovative tools and techniques
  • Membership of the B-Suite Bootcamp community platform
  • Recommended further reading for deeper learning

What to expect:

The programme builds over six weeks. Each workshop provides innovative tools and techniques that focus on a specific aspect of thriving at work:

  1. Making work more fulfilling
  2. Reimagining goals
  3. Solving the time scarcity delusion
  4. Reframing blockers
  5. Creating professional influence
  6. Building habits and giving back

Participants finish Bootcamp with everything they need to embed lasting change – a refreshed mindset, their own practical plan and a new network of supportive peers.

“Bootcamp has been massively helpful to me. The tools and techniques are directly transferable to my role as a leader“

Our next cohort starts in January 2024 and places will be strictly limited – register your interest now.

Praise for B-Suite Bootcamp: 

“Bootcamp provided a hugely valuable framework for reorganising my goals, allowing me to plot a more strategic future. The tools we learned are simple and actionable, and they also build into a broader vision. I’ll be referring back to what I’ve learned again and again” 

“A smart, holistic and multidimensional way to think about the tricky art of personal change. Equally applicable to self and work, Bootcamp will challenge you and help you grow into the person you want to be”


Image: BlackSalmon