A fast-paced group mentoring programme to help you retain and develop your rising stars. 

Given the battle for talent in this supercharged hybrid world, it’s never been more important to retain and develop your rising stars. 

By successfully stepping-up to lead their teams, your so-called ‘B-Suite’ can liberate you from the day-to-day and actively help improve agency performance.

But whether you’re planning for succession or just developing your next generation, today’s future leaders need a different kind of support

As well as being burdened by the unique constraints of hybrid working, they’re also often less experienced than previous generations, with different motivations and expectations. So your approach to their development really matters. 

That’s where Co:definery’s B-Suite Bootcamp can help. 

What is B-Suite Bootcamp? 

B-Suite Bootcamp is our Group Mentoring programme for future leaders and new managers. It’s designed to help them feel more confident and capable in their roles. 

For six weeks, they become part of an inspiring group with a common cause – to explore and solve their shared challenges. 

Each week, we co-create a new step in participants’ personalised ‘Game Plan’ – from setting goals and changing mindsets, to building habits and overcoming hurdles. 

What they’ll get

B-Suite Bootcamp offers your brightest people a range of benefits. 

They finish the Bootcamp with everything they need to thrive – a refreshed mindset, practical tools and a supportive new network of peers.

To find out more, including when the next cohort is due to start, get in touch.

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