Here’s to optimism

Fancy a bit more positivity around the business of running an agency?

Welcome to Co:definery’s podcast ‘The Immortal Life of Agencies’.

Here we celebrate the visionaries and change-makers who are actively future-proofing the agency sector. 

Each episode features our CEO Robin Bonn having short, sharp conversations – sometimes even friendly arguments – with some of the biggest, broadest and deepest thinkers in our industry. 

These are the leaders who’ve been there, done that and are happy to talk about the t-shirt – even if it’s a bit grubby.

Expect untold stories of progress – always optimistic and never dull.

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How agency CEOs can compete with talent's need for freedom

Faris Yakob on why smart people are increasingly seeking to ply their trade outside traditional employment structures - and what agency CEOs must do to compete.

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Episode 2

Faris Yakob

Co-Founder, Genius Steals

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