Coaching and Mentoring

Driving change

As a CEO, founder or future leader, you’ll know that challenges come in all shapes and sizes. Perhaps the following feel familiar:

  • Sustaining success
  • Deciding what’s next
  • Making growth feel achievable
  • Taking more confident decisions
  • Overcoming limiting experiences and beliefs

Getting the right support is essential. Perhaps you need practical guidance, such as a non-exec, chairperson or mentor relationship. Or maybe a less directive, more coaching-led approach is a better fit.

However you choose to maximise your personal and professional potential, any breakthrough in mindset and behaviour can be transformative.

To explore your options, get in touch for an initial consultation.

Matt Barker, CEO, PlanetK2

“A note of thanks to you Sir. Today I’ve completed my biggest ever single sale. And it’s in no small part a result of the guidance you gave to us/me during the work we did together. There are a couple of moments during the work you did with us when things clicked and we unlocked my truth in how I can more effectively approach sales. I now feel like I can simply be me, shaping well thought through programmes of work with people, that are of demonstrable value to customers and which are easy for the right kind of customers to buy. I’ve always been okay at sales, but you’ve made me a whole heap better and, importantly, made the process substantially more enjoyable”

Chris Lumsden, Partner, Good

“Rob’s an easy guy to chat to. His appreciation of the agency world and the people within it means he’s got an intuitive understanding of the shit you’re going through. Put all this stuff together and you can find yourself chatting about some quite obscure or personal issues related to agency ownership or performance. I found it very rewarding”

Antonio Giansante, Managing Director, BGN

“I was introduced to Robin about 2-3 months into the pandemic and he really helped focus my mind about what was important. He gave me the confidence to look within myself for the answers. The way he positions questions really made me realise that I knew what I needed to do. Robin gave me focus, a feeling of being accountable to someone and the drive to just get shit done. Over the following 12 months the agency has gone from strength to strength and have achieved record results in what was a really tough period for some other businesses”

Claire Kavanagh, Founder, ClaireKav Consulting

“I met Robin while I was building my new business. His insights and outside perspective allowed me to come away more focused and confident. When you’re starting out you can feel a bit at sea and overwhelmed, Robin’s calming manner and experience helped me get organised and achieve results a lot faster than if I was tackling things on my own”

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