Jon Waring, Founder, 3Sixty

“I noticed a number of great agencies whose positioning and marketing stood out. When I say ‘stood out’, I mean ‘bloody hell, why can’t ours be that good?’ So I did a bit of asking around and one name kept cropping up – Robin Bonn. A quick phone call later (actually not that quick) and we got Robin in to discuss our positioning and so much more. I can’t recommend him enough, he’s smart, decent, fun and deeply knowledgeable about the agency business. We’ve found that having an external frame of reference invaluable and 3Sixty is a better business now and continues to improve as a result”

Catherine Jenkins, Partner, MAXX

“MAXX spent years trying and failing to find our ‘niche’ and we felt poorer because of it. Co:definery finally changed that, helping us uncover the specialisation that had existed within us all along. Now we have the antidote to being too broad and can stand proudly behind a clear proposition, with the focus we’ve been missing”

Henry Chappell, Founder, Pitch Marketing Group

“Yesterday we presented our new proposition and full brand narrative to the whole agency. It felt real and robust and was very positively received. A lot of them told me afterwards that they felt inspired by the vision. So I just wanted to say a sincere thank you for the role you’ve played in getting us to this point. I greatly appreciate it”

Sarah Jennings, CEO, Oban International

“Co:definery worked with us on our positioning and how we communicate it consistently to the outside world. Robin is a clear thinker, knows his stuff and used great analogies to help us all cut to the chase. The small tweaks we’ve made have had a significant impact. He’s also great to work with and generous with his time and thoughts – which always helps”

Steve Wheen, Founder, distillery

“Talking to potential clients at Cannes Lions, I realised that we needed to be much clearer about what distillery is. So we asked Co:definery to help us finally work out who we are. We’re now more confident in saying ‘no’, our content is flying and the standard of people wanting to work with us is higher than it’s ever been”

Andrew Watts, Founding Partner, KHWS

“Co:definery have been instrumental in helping KHWS find standout in our market – we now have a unique value proposition and can express it with real confidence. So we’ve ditched the obsequious agency mindset and now focus solely on finding clients where we can add most value”

Ete Davies, MD, AnalogFolk

“Co:definery helped us translate our business mission into a clear narrative for our entire customer experience. Disarming, intuitive and direct, Robin immediately understood how the wider business and organisational context was affecting our decision-making and why we were struggling. We continue to apply his advice and recommendations”

Tom Crossley, Global COO, Green Park Content

“Co:definery helped us with knotty internal projects exploring purpose, positioning and proposition development. As they can (and do) take up huge amounts of time, effort and energy, thankfully the whole process was quick, efficient, and enjoyable. Robin cut through the crap, helped us focus and most importantly we’re very happy with the results”

Phil Goodman, CEO, Brandwidth

“Robin was instrumental in helping us make sense of our proposition. Not only was he a pleasure to work with, the results of the work are proving to be very effective with clients and prospects”

Andy Budd, Founder & CEO, Clearleft

“As someone with a bit of distance from Clearleft, Robin gave us a fresh perspective on our creds, helping us see the wood amongst the trees. He quickly honed in on strengths we were underplaying, as well as irrelevancies which we dropped. The output was a much tighter explanation of our offering, that hit all the right notes, so we were super happy with the results”

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