Mark Pytlik, Global CEO, Stink Studios

“Stink Studios offers a broad variety of services across our global network. Client needs are ever-evolving, and we wanted to ensure that we’re showing up in today’s global market with as much clarity as possible. It can be difficult to read the label from inside the jar, so we hired Co:definery to provide an external viewpoint on how we express our unique value. The process of working with them felt both creative and commercially driven, and we’ve come out of it with some useful insights that we’re excited to put into action”

Jim Moffatt, CEO Europe & Asia Pacific, Engine

“The Agency CX Roadmap process was incredibly useful for Engine, giving us a meaningful new focus and energy. By serving up independent, considered and rigorous insights, it sparked frank debate about our future strategy. That impartiality helped us get elephants out of the corner, creating a space of openness and trust where everyone felt comfortable to reimagine or reinvent, without feeling protective of the status quo. I would recommend it highly”

Robert Ffitch, Chief Commercial Development Officer, Europe at Hearst UK

“It’s been a great pleasure working with Co:definery. I always thought you could never teach an old dog new tricks, but I have learned so much from this process. It’s unlocked our capabilities and created huge confidence in the group. Your help in getting iCrossing to the very exciting place we have arrived at, has been invaluable. Thank you”

Matt Scaysbrook, Director, WeTeachCRO

“As an investment in our future, we chose to work with Co:definery because in every conversation we had with Robin, he taught us things we didn’t know. The blend of process and facilitation ensured that we got the end-result we wanted without stifling the team debate necessary to get us to the best outcome. We’re now able to tell our story consistently and coherently – something we’ve never had before. I’ve told anyone that will listen that we should have done this years ago!”

Keith Hatter, Group CEO, PlanetK2

“Co:definery’s value-based selling work has been nothing short of transformational. It’s been a gorgeous recipe of expertise and structure, blended with the essence of who we are. Robin’s skill in combining these things and then his support in helping us deploy them has been superb – measured both by how we are able to use what we’ve learned, as well as the results it’s delivered. It’s not magic, though if you take it seriously and match Robin’s skill and effort, you’ll be forgiven for thinking that it is”

Fred Moore, COO, Matter of Form

“I just wanted to say how much the team enjoyed and valued the Agency CX Roadmap process. Making change is difficult and people often don’t really like it. It was through the collective diagnostic and solutioning exercises that we achieved internal buy-in and enthusiasm from the senior team. They are now psyched and geared up to make these changes. You and the Curve guys did a fabulous job”

Paul Button, CEO, Mediablaze

“We didn’t want to become ‘just another digital agency’, so our brief was simple; make our heritage shine through in our positioning and give us a more concise story that highlights the power of our combined service proposition. Co:definery challenged our perception in what we thought ‘made us different’. The result was greater clarity and belief in what we do – with an impactful agency position that made it easy for us to communicate to clients, with 100% confidence”

Jon Waring, Founder, 3Sixty

“I noticed a number of great agencies whose positioning and marketing stood out. When I say ‘stood out’, I mean ‘bloody hell, why can’t ours be that good?’ So I did a bit of asking around and one name kept cropping up – Robin Bonn. A quick phone call later (actually not that quick) and we got Robin in to discuss our positioning and so much more. I can’t recommend him enough, he’s smart, decent, fun and deeply knowledgeable about the agency business. We’ve found that having an external frame of reference invaluable and 3Sixty is a better business now and continues to improve as a result”

Chris Lumsden, Partner, Good

“Co:definery helped Good understand the business we’re in, who it appeals to and how we add value. With his objectivity and deep understanding of the agency world, Rob was able to guide us into the right areas, avoiding the pitfalls and biases that have plagued us in the past. The impact’s been immediate. We’re more confident about the expertise we offer; particularly during the new-business process – we have a renewed courage to walk away when the opportunity doesn’t work for us”

Henry Chappell, Founder, Pitch Marketing Group

“Yesterday we presented our new proposition and full brand narrative to the whole agency. It felt real and robust and was very positively received. A lot of them told me afterwards that they felt inspired by the vision. So I just wanted to say a sincere thank you for the role you’ve played in getting us to this point. I greatly appreciate it”

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