In a market where fine margins matter more than ever, what if you could optimise team performance and also measure the impact? 

Like the conductor of an orchestra, being a successful leader means getting diverse, talented people into perfect sync. 

A deft blend of encouragement and incentives might improve individual performance, but how do you get everyone pulling together? And how do you know your actions are having the desired effect? 

The performance imperative 

It hardly needs saying that your people must be a differentiator. Unfortunately, this well-worn phrase has become a mandatory eye-roll amongst clients. 

That’s because all good agencies have good people. But very few agencies are consistently greater than the sum of their parts. 

And in a world where more-for-less has become the norm, a lack of resources means that opportunities for collective improvement are scarce. Who’s got the time to step back, strengthen relationships and spot opportunities? 

Finding your edge

As if all that wasn’t enough, we’re now facing serious economic uncertainty. The pressure dial’s been turned up a notch. 

Every deadline is that much more urgent. Every pitch is now even more ‘must win’. And every client must be retained at all costs. 

It’s never been more important to get talented people working optimally. And your investment decisions have never been under so much scrutiny. 

So with stakes this high, how can you create step-change in team performance – and do it in a measurable way? 

Measuring team transformation 

Co:definery’s Team Coaching programmes are a powerful way to create momentum, give your team shared direction, and help them achieve their full potential. 

Through deep individual work and collective sessions, our certified coaches will help you unlock new thinking, overcome barriers and accelerate progress towards your team goals. 

And to make this process measurable, Co:definery has partnered with leadership transformation specialists Curve to create the Transformational Team Assessment

The TTA analyses your team’s performance against six dimensions of future leadership capability, defined in our research with the Centre for Leadership in the Future of Work at the University of Zurich.

At the beginning of a Team Coaching programme, the TTA serves as a ‘team performance x-ray’. By getting under the skin of your team’s dynamic, it creates a baseline score and informs a robust set of team priorities. 

Then at the end of the programme, a second TTA assessment demonstrates the impact of Team Coaching and shapes ongoing improvements. 

Make harmony accountable

Ultimately, there’s a fine line between symphony and cacophony. A beautiful harmony is a genuine differentiator. 

And compared with other routes to competitive advantage, optimising the performance of your existing team is low-risk and high-impact. 

Get it right and your culture, clients and bottom line all benefit. 

At the same time, making this upgrade accountable is a soothing dose of certainty as you navigate the current economic challenges. 

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Image: Diana Polekhina