To run a consistently differentiated and commercially confident agency, the most powerful catalyst is your own leadership.

How many ‘must read’ books are piling up by your bed or on your Kindle? How many podcasts are cued up and shrieking for your attention? 

Imagine all those game-changing nuggets, just sitting there waiting to be discovered. If only you had a free week, month or lifetime to clear the backlog, embed the learnings and blossom into the leader you could be. 

Good luck with that.

Here’s the good news. If you want to accelerate growth, the biggest breakthroughs are far easier to access: they come from within.

The pressure to perform

Given the challenges that agencies face in this volatile, uncertain and ultra-competitive market, it’s no wonder that leadership is far from a bed of roses. The classic truth that it’s ‘lonely at the top’ has never felt so real.

Steering the ship and motivating your team increasingly require a more modern approach. Authenticity and openness are nuanced qualities that your prior bosses offered little by way of example. Similarly, inclusivity and empathy must be carefully balanced with traditional drive and focus.

So you’ve never been under more pressure – to evolve, to make important decisions, and to constantly nurture psychologically safe teams that perform at their best.

For these reasons, now more than ever, your beliefs and habits are the foundations of your agency’s success.

Building commercial confidence

The reality is that highly profitable agencies consistently exhibit very different behaviours to the rest. To create a clear competitive advantage and embed genuine differentiation, leaders must upgrade their mindset.

Firstly, you must liberate yourself from traditional, limiting beliefs – like all agencies essentially being the same, or that ‘people buy from people’. These unhealthy maxims – and many others like them – have a self-commoditising effect. If you believe them, then you embody them – and so do the people you need to inspire; inside and outside your agency.

So if you want your agency to stand out, partner with high quality clients, and command a premium, then you must address your personal blockers and limiting beliefs.

But how can you harness your strengths and resources to sustain this kind of shift? And where can you find the hidden leverage that transforms an action from a ‘should’ to a ‘must’? 

The answer is Executive Coaching with a commercial focus.

What is Executive Coaching?

Your leadership will flourish when you connect your personal motivations with the competitive reality of the agency marketplace.

Co:definery’s Executive Coaching helps you create new mental pathways and behavioural patterns for individual fulfilment and long-term commercial success.

It’s thought-provoking and creative partnership that inspires you to maximise your personal and professional potential.

Through direct challenge or gentle prompting, together we shine a light on what you haven’t seen before. We connect dots, clarify problems and bring hidden priorities into focus.

By exploring your motivations, beliefs and emotional drivers in the context of your commercial pressures, we agree clear objectives with an actionable roadmap and hold you accountable for consistent progress.

How coaching works

Step one is an initial Discovery Call. This is a conversation about your priorities and hurdles. It establishes connection and confirms your readiness to escape the daily firefighting and commit to the process.

From here, we design the partnership around you. 

  • Senior leaders often choose 30 minute ‘power sessions’, where the onus is on you to show-up with a hot topic. Others prefer one-hour sessions to explore at their own pace
  • For most people, a fortnightly rhythm feels right. More so than weekly, this allows enough breathing space to reflect and complete tasks
  • Calls are scheduled around your personal commitments, deadlines and energy levels. We also offer additional ad hoc ‘pep talks’ and urgent text message support
  • How much coaching do you need? This depends on your goals. So like a personal trainer, we’ll refine our duration, frequency and format to find the model that works best for you.

This flexibility is our commitment to you. In return, for a coaching partnership to succeed, you must make it a priority. That’s why part of the process is ensuring that you’re focused, energised and resourced. 

Thriving in a market of one

Just as change starts at the top, so does competitive advantage. To drive sustainable growth, your values and self-knowledge are pivotal.

As humans, our greatest behavioural driver is to be consistent with who we believe we are. Your self-image defines how you show-up. That’s how reframing your beliefs impacts your daily decisions, which in turn enables your agency to thrive in a ‘market of one’. 

This is why Executive Coaching must be measured by your success. Change is all very well, but it has to translate into progress. 

Our model gives you certainty on where you’re headed, a clear roadmap to chart your progress and a partner for each step of the journey. 

If you’re interested in Co:definery’s Executive Coaching, then do get in touch


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