To thrive in the modern market, agencies must rethink their entire customer experience. Step one is to understand what’s working well and prioritise what needs to change. 

roadmap for agency growth

Modern pressures have changed how clients buy from agencies. If you can adapt, there’s a significant agency growth opportunity. 

Rather than the traditional reactive harvesting of pitch briefs, it’s now essential to get upstream of demand, having the confidence to leverage your expertise to reframe their challenge and shape how to address it.

To achieve this, you need to evolve how you stand out and prove your worth. Like brands in their own crowded markets, consider your entire customer experience – everything you do as well as what you say must demonstrate your specific problem-solving expertise. 

Your proposition can no longer just be packaging; it must be codified into everything from strategy, marketing, and sales, to people, process, and pricing. 

Differentiate through expertise 

Optimising your customer experience is about refocusing from agency capabilities to client needs; matching your skills, ambitions and resources to the market most likely to buy. This requires carefully chosen changes – some simple, others more fundamental. 

Having advised dozens of agency Founders and CEOs on growth strategy, Co:definery has developed a methodology for aligning your stakeholders and prioritising the right actions.

Our Agency Transformation Roadmap acts as a diagnostic to define where you’re headed, what to change and where to start. 

Through a short series of diagnostic workshops, the process establishes a manageable, bite-sized approach to change. So rather than boil the ocean, you can quickly prioritise the most impactful changes from the wealth of choices you face. 

How the Agency Transformation Roadmap works

Convening your senior leadership team, we focus on the nuances that make the most difference. Exploring everyone’s perspective, we’ll assess your aspirations and progress against each component of seven company-wide pillars:

  1. Strategy – e.g. differentiation, value proposition, internal buy-in, purpose, target audience
  2. Leadership – e.g. collaboration, innovation, togetherness, delegation, self care & team care, organisation
  3. People – e.g. DEI, talent attraction / development, performance management
  4. Commercial – e.g. profit clarity, financial KPIs, confident decision making
  5. Craft – e.g. quality standards, creative leadership, skills development
  6. Marketing – e.g. effectiveness, consistency, thought leadership, website, campaigns, upstream prospecting
  7. Sales – e.g. sales culture, share of wallet, client data, partnering, value-based selling, pricing innovation.

This shapes your adoption of a bespoke, expertise-driven customer experience by honing in on ownable strengths and agreeing where the gaps are: 

  1. Tailored priorities, agreed by all stakeholders
    • ranked for importance vs. urgency
    • clear owners, actions and deadlines
  2. Validation of what’s working well.

With this roadmap for agency growth in place, we then design the minimal blend of consulting, coaching and mentoring to build momentum and make change stick. 

What happens next

For some Co:definery clients, the Agency Transformation Roadmap simply provides validation. It demonstrates that you’re in great shape, giving you the confidence to proceed with renewed focus; feeling ‘in the zone’, free of energy-sapping doubt.

For others, having carefully chosen the gaps to fill and improvements to make, you get the adrenaline shot of knowing exactly where to start – including what you can solve yourself and where external support (from Co:definery or otherwise) is needed. 

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Image: Luemen Carlson