Avoid the risk and expense of headhunters with our personal introduction service – Co:definery Connect.

Using a headhunter to find brilliant people can be costly, slow and risky. No wonder our agency clients always ask us who we know when they have an important role to fill. 

You’re far better off finding diamonds within your network than having to commit to a search retainer. A chunky black book is a powerful thing. 

That’s why we’ve developed Co:definery Connect – our personal introduction service connecting the best agencies with the best talent in our network. 

How Co:definery Connect works

Think of Co:definery Connect as a shortcut. You find the perfect person sooner, without the hefty upfront investment. It’s like owning a library of black books, with an expert librarian to show you around. 

Here’s how it works:

  1. When you have a role to fill, get in touch to share the high-level details e.g. title, seniority, job description and/or a link to further info
  2. We’ll agree some simple commercial terms
  3. Then we’ll share an anonymised summary of your role on LinkedIn and with the relevant people in our network (in either case, we don’t mention your agency at this stage)
  4. People who express an interest are then sent the specifics, including your identity
  5. If they’re interested and look like a possible fit, they get a direct introduction to you, which serves as a warmer, more personalised starting point
  6. From there, it’s over to you
  7. If you hire someone we introduce within the agreed timeframe, you pay the agreed fee. If you don’t, you don’t. 

Your only immediate commitment is to act with courtesy and respect – specifically, to reply to everyone we put forward and then give them a reasonable amount of feedback. Ghosting is not cool.

What to expect from Co:definery Connect

Co:definery Connect is a shortcut. It saves you time and money by leveraging our connections – like finding someone via LinkedIn, but with a personal touch.

To be clear, we’re not headhunters. Despite any prior connection to you or the people we introduce, we’re not here to vouch for anyone, run a selection process or handle negotiations. You manage all that yourselves in the usual way.

Most importantly, if you don’t hire anyone, then no fee is due. Nice and simple.

So if you have a crucial role to fill, just get in touch and Co:definery Connect will accelerate and de-risk your search. 

Here’s to the power of the network.


Image: Charles Deluvio