Let’s co-create an optimistic, practical vision for a better industry.

Seven years ago, Co:definery’s <ahem> nearly quarterly newsletter, Breaking Bland, was conceived around a barely amusing pun on a show that I never actually finished watching. Whoops.

But the underlying belief still holds – that all agencies have it in them to stand out and be paid well for doing great work; to define and unlock their competitive advantage.

We’ve written about deep, lasting differentiation – from strategic clarity and its consistent expression, to the accompanying adoption of new mindsets, behaviours and habits.

For you, hopefully it’s provided some food for thought. And for us, it’s done what it was supposed to do – demonstrate that expert content acts as a beacon for right-fit leads.

So why the navel gazing? Because Breaking Bland is about to transform – and you have an industry-shaping role to play…

Pumping on your stereo

Like Chorley FM (IYKYK), Breaking Bland will soon be ‘coming in your ears’. Yup, Co:definery is launching our very own podcast.

Now, of course, what the world really does not need, is yet another podcast. But this one will be based on three principles that are often missing from agency discourse.

  • Optimism – no, we won’t all be murdered or fired by robots; the future will be magnificent
  • Vision – just talking about ‘change’ is meh, but designing a future can inspire
  • Practicality – theory’s all well and good, but what can you do right now?

The basic setup will be one-to-one conversations with the people who are creating a better industry. The genuine change-makers who’ve been there, done that and are happy to talk about the t-shirt, even if it’s a bit grubby.

This won’t just be big names trotting out well-worn stories. But whether it’s someone you know or someone you need to know, the podcast will be a platform for big thinking on creating a better industry.

It only takes a minute, girl

This is where you come in. To cut through with busy people like you, as well as being succinct, this podcast has to be really, really good. 

So who do you know who HAS to be a guest? Someone smart, open, with a story to tell? 

Ping me with who and why and we’ll put them in the mix for season one. Thank you! 

The song remains the same 

One last thing, for those of you who enjoy the writing – and I’m genuinely thrilled whenever people tell me that they do – fear not, I’ll still keep my eye in.

As I’ve said to probably 90% of you over the years, I write to find out what I think. I publish to learn, not to teach. And to squeeze in pop culture references, obvs (did you get all four song titles above?). 

Those same principles will definitely apply in the podcast too. And besides, writing is a wonderful discipline to distil and explore what’s happening in our hearts and souls. I won’t be leaving that behind.

Thanks for your support for the story so far. 


Image: Ervo Rocks