To adapt for growth as COVID-19 passes, agencies must develop their own unique customer experience. Step one is to prioritise what needs to change.

Even before the pandemic, the traditional agency business model was creaking at the seams. Clients had changed how they buy – and from whom – and many agencies were struggling to adapt. 

Now COVID-19 has accelerated the need for genuine transformation, the big question is where to start.

Planning for deeper differentiation 

Sustainable growth is increasingly built on differentiation across your entire customer experience. So your transformation plan can’t be superficial – you need to define priority changes across what you do, not just what you say. 

To help you do that, Co:definery has partnered with creative leadership specialists Curve. Together, we’ve developed the Expertise-Led Agency Customer Experience Audit – or ‘ELACE’ for short. 

Despite the portentous name, the ELACE Audit is designed to quickly give you a clear, actionable plan. 

How ELACE works

Taking your leadership team through a short series of immersive workshops, the ELACE Audit explores your collective aspirations and progress against five company-wide pillars:

  1. Strategic: e.g. proposition, audience use-cases, internal buy-in
  2. Leadership: e.g. collaboration, innovation, trust 
  3. Operational: e.g. stability, growth readiness, employer brand
  4. Marketing: e.g. infrastructure, outreach model, lead generation
  5. Selling: e.g. protecting your time, converting faster, monetising ideas.

Keeping things structured and fast, we combine your views with our own experience and recommendations to create the following deliverables: 

  1. Agreed strengths, weaknesses and blind spots
  2. Achievable priorities
    • ranked for importance vs. urgency
    • clear owners, actions and deadlines
    • clarity on how success is defined
  3. Any specific quick wins that arise. 

Disagreements are resolved, everyone learns a lot and the actions are agreed in the room, so you’re all set to get moving straight away. 

And of course, if you need any outside help to maximise momentum – or make change stick – then Co:definery and Curve can design the right mix of consulting, coaching or mentoring support. 

Optimising for growth

To thrive as the global economy recovers from the pandemic, agencies must stand out in a fast-changing competitive landscape. That requires decisive action now. 

The ELACE Audit gets your key people together to do exactly that. And because you take those decisions together, the shared commitment makes everyone accountable for change. 

From there you can accelerate growth with clarity and conviction. 

Find out more by getting in touch.

“The ELACE process was incredibly useful for Engine, giving us a meaningful new focus and energy. By serving up independent, considered and rigorous insights, it sparked frank debate about our future strategy.

That impartiality helped us get elephants out of the corner, creating a space of openness and trust where everyone felt comfortable to reimagine or reinvent, without feeling protective of the status quo.

I would recommend it highly.”

Jim Moffatt, CEO Europe & Asia Pacific, Engine

Image: David Przybyla
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