To adapt for growth as COVID-19 passes, agencies must develop their own unique customer experience. Step one is to prioritise what needs to change.

Even before the pandemic, the traditional agency business model was creaking at the seams. Clients had changed how they buy – and from whom – and many agencies were struggling to adapt. 

Now COVID-19 has accelerated the need for genuine transformation, the question is where to start.

Differentiate through expertise 

Having each advised dozens of agency leaders, Co:definery has partnered with creative leadership specialists Curve to develop a methodology for fast-paced change. 

Using principles of Design Thinking, our ‘Expertise-Led Agency Customer Experience (ELACE) Framework’ acts as a diagnostic to define where you’re headed, what to change and where to start. 

The ELACE Framework maps out differentiation across your entire customer experience so that everything you do – as well as what you say – demonstrates your specific expertise. 

This refocuses your agency from capabilities to client needs; matching your skills, ambitions and resources to the market most likely to buy.

From a single diagnostic workshop, the Framework establishes a manageable, bite-sized approach to change. So rather than boil the ocean, you can quickly prioritise the most impactful changes from the wealth of choices you face. 

ELACE Diagnostic Workshop 

Convening your senior leadership team, we focus on the nuances that make the most difference. Exploring everyone’s perspective, we’ll assess your aspirations and progress against each component of five company-wide pillars:

  1. Strategic: e.g. proposition, audience use-cases, internal buy-in
  2. Leadership: e.g. collaboration, innovation, trust 
  3. Operational: e.g. financial performance, growth metrics, talent plan 
  4. Marketing: e.g. infrastructure, outreach model, lead generation
  5. Selling: e.g. protecting your time, conversion model, capturing value. 

This shapes your adoption of a bespoke, expertise-driven customer experience by honing in on ownable strengths and agreeing where the gaps are: 

  1. Tailored priorities, agreed by all stakeholders
    • ranked for importance vs. urgency
    • clear owners, actions and deadlines
  2. Validation of what’s working well 
  3. Any specific quick wins that arise. 

With this roadmap in place, we then deliver the minimal blend of consulting, coaching and mentoring to build momentum and make change stick. 

Optimising for growth

As the global economy recovers from the pandemic, Co:definery and Curve’s ELACE Framework helps you evolve into the meaningfully differentiated agency you need to become.

Creating focus amid the ongoing uncertainty, you immediately gain the necessary conviction to proceed with a minimum of energy-sapping doubt.

Tailored to your unique needs, our approach combines commercial change and refocused leadership. And being highly collaborative, it also embeds accountability and makes you self-sufficient as quickly as possible.

Together we accelerate your journey back to growth and finally address the competitive pressures that have been building for years.

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Image: David Przybyla
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