Improving your agency’s competitive advantage requires complete conviction – from strategy to practical action. Co:definery’s Acceleration Workshop gives you exactly that.

As a leader, all your decisions matter – especially in times of change. And if you’re looking to improve commercial performance, then the stakes are higher still. So clarity is paramount. 

If you’re reviewing your strategy and proposition, then what does success really look like? Where should you start? And what’s the ideal process?

Similarly, if you’re about to execute, then how do you accelerate decisive action, minimise disruption and reap the commercial rewards ASAP?

In either case, a wrong move will cost you time, money and credibility. So how can you create certainty at speed? 

Searching for conviction

Setting agency strategy and refining your proposition is rarely straightforward. With multiple voices and competing priorities, building collective conviction takes effort. 

Firstly there’s discomfort to overcome. Alongside your own nagging doubts, your senior team will have their own concerns – which are often unspoken. These usually include how the proposed changes will land with different stakeholders, like prospects, current clients, talent or the press.

A second source of uncertainty is a lack of outside perspective, especially if your senior team has been in place for a while. This creates a double bind. Without objective external guidance, plans can lack innovation and market context. Likewise, the absence of an outside view often causes senior teams to doubt what are otherwise valid ideas. 

This is why alignment matters. Before agreeing the right answers, you need clarity on the right questions. In short, you need to define the fewest steps with the biggest payoff. And you need to start yesterday.

Find clarity at pace

Co:definery’s Acceleration Workshop injects clarity and certainty into your desire for commercial improvement. Designed for senior leadership teams, it’s a structured full-day session that applies deep experience and broad perspective to align and boost your collective thinking. 

Together we design clear actions based on two key principles for creating a sustainable competitive advantage:

  • Focus where you’ll create maximum impact.
  • Set tangible actions that don’t reinvent the wheel or needlessly disrupt business-as-usual. 

Our Acceleration Workshop has three parts:

  • Define your ideal future

    • Beyond arbitrary numbers and fluffy goals (e.g. being ‘the best’), we uncover motivating, agency-wide outcome
    • Direction needs a reason, so we get super clear on the specific opportunities that you’re best placed to pursue
    • A solid strategy specifies obstacles, so we call out the hurdles you’ll need to overcome
  • Strategic sense-check

    • The clarity from step one now serves as objective criteria by which to assess your strategic expression – from positioning and proposition, to purpose and strapline
    • Using Co:definery’s Narrative Framework enables us to validate your differentiation and find opportunities to go further
  • Roadmap to impact

    • Embracing tangible actions, we set priorities that will best focus your competitive punch
    • Accountability accelerates change, so we agree who’s best placed to own, manage and contribute, as well as clarity on timelines and where you need external support

Acceleration Workshop deliverables

Practical, hands-on and fast-paced, Co:definery’s Acceleration Workshop gives you a roadmap towards a powerful, sustainable competitive advantage. 

By co-creating the destination, you and your Board get an instant hit of clarity and momentum. And by collectively agreeing actions, owners and deadlines, everyone is fully bought into the journey ahead.

Often the next step is to co-design a one-off consulting project or plan a series of connected sprints, including coaching and mentoring support to make change stick.

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Image: Shiro Hatori