Some very happy news, along with an invitation to share the love.

As many of you have experienced, Co:definery has evolved massively in recent years. We’ve helped more agencies to unlock their competitive advantage, in more innovative and long-lasting ways than ever before.

Much of this new thinking has been inspired by one person, our Chief Operating Officer, Inga Umblija. She is, without doubt, the best person I know.

Co:definery now has better products, we run better workshops and I’m a far better consultant and coach because of her. And no wonder – her CV is genuinely ridiculous. 

With over 20 years in strategic and advisory roles, she’s an expert in delivering change. As well as agencies, her experience also spans finance, telcos, retail and public sector, including Vodafone, Samsung, Danone and BT.

She’s also worked for the globally renowned coach and business strategist Tony Robbins as a Results Coach – a role that requires 250 hours of rigorous training and an insanely competitive selection process.

In amongst all that, not only is Inga a qualified yoga teacher, she’s also found time to secure APM, PRINCE2 and Six Sigma accreditations, as well as a BSc in Business Mathematics and Statistics from LSE. Oh, and an MBA.

And without wishing to undermine your perception of her as a wise, caring polymath, she has – finally – shown some dodgy judgement by agreeing to be my wife.

We’re getting married at the end of the month and I couldn’t be happier. Exciting times!

So on that delightful note – two questions for you: 

  • Who’s your primary source of inspiration? 
  • And do they know how much they make you, your business and your life better?

If not, go tell them. And if they do know, why not go tell them again?


Image: me.