Get to the front of the queue for the most exciting agency roles by using our free personal introduction service – Co:definery Connect. 

Finding your perfect role can be slow and difficult – especially when you face a tonne of competition. And being in the right place at the right time can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. 

No wonder the people we know regularly ask us to listen out for any exciting roles. It’s also why agency leaders ask who we know when they’re looking for someone crucial. 

So we’ve developed Co:definery Connect – our free personal introduction service connecting the best talent in our network with the best agencies we know. 

How Co:definery Connect works

If you’re looking for a new role, there are a couple of use cases. First up, when you’d like us to promote your availability to our network: 

  1. Step one is to get in touch or DM us on LinkedIn
  2. We’ll then send you the private registration link for Co:definery Connect
  3. Once you’ve registered, we’ll post about your skills and aspirations on LinkedIn (we don’t mention your name at this stage)
  4. Agency leaders get in touch with us to describe what’s piqued their interest and we then pass that information to you 
  5. If you’re up for a conversation, we’ll share your details with them
  6. And if they’re up for a chat too, then we’ll make a personal introduction
  7. You take it from there. 

The second use case is when you see a role we post on LinkedIn (note that we don’t share the agency name at that stage):

  1. To flag your interest, just leave a comment or drop us a DM
  2. We’ll then message you to share the private registration link for Co:definery Connect
  3. Once you’ve registered, you’ll receive more details about the agency and the role they’re hiring for
  4. If it floats your boat, we’ll make a personal introduction to the person in charge, putting you at the front of the queue (or ‘line’ if you’re American)
  5. Then it’s over to you. 

Once you’re registered with Co:definery Connect, we’ll also let you know when any relevant roles come along. If you’re still looking and there might be a fit, then we’ll agree to make an introduction. 

In any event, we’ll never send your details to an agency without your explicit permission. Then if they hire you, they pay us. And if they don’t, they don’t. Either way, you don’t pay a penny. 

Your only commitment is to enter into any conversation with curiosity and courtesy.

What to expect from Co:definery Connect

To be clear, this isn’t a headhunting service. Despite any prior connection to you or the agency, we’re not here to vouch for anyone, run a selection process or handle negotiations. You manage all that yourselves in the usual way.

Instead, think of Co:definery Connect as a shortcut. We save you time and energy by leveraging our connections – like LinkedIn, but with a personal touch.

And as well as being at the front of the queue, you also come with less risk and a much reduced fee, which might help swing things your way. 

So if you’re a smart cookie looking for something fresh, just get in touch and we’ll accelerate your search. 

Here’s to the power of the network. 


Image: Katerina Kerdi