9th April 2024

Meeting the needs of modern clients

David Meikle on adapting to the changing needs of clients by rethinking commerciality, productisation and negotiation.

Episode 4

David Meikle

Founder, The HTBAG Company

How clear are you on what clients REALLY want from agencies? And what if you could ask someone with a unique perspective on how agencies do great work? 

Our guest on this episode is David Meikle. The classic ‘poacher turned gamekeeper’, he was previously an agency leader, working for Grey and latterly running Ogilvy in Russia, and now he’s a search consultant. David’s also a compassionate, innovative and rigorous thinker about the advertising and marketing industry, which you’ll know if you’ve read his books. 

This far-reaching conversation covers commerciality and profit, the risks of productising your offer, and how to strike a fairer deal with procurement. We also explore why agencies are poor negotiators and a surprising truth about how less exciting clients often get better work. 

David also offers a new way to think about agency differentiation – one that clients are taking increasingly seriously.


5.04 What agencies don’t understand about profit conversion

11.07 How agencies enable Procurement to dominate them

15.10 The risks of productising agency services

24.20 Why agency marketing is like car insurance

27.15 The role of the agency’s employer brand

31.30 Distinctiveness vs uniqueness

40.10 How conservative clients can get better work

42.01 Agency failures in negotiation

43.40 The concept of ‘buyer’s profit’

46.25 Opportunities for your employer brand

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