12th March 2024

How agency CEOs can compete with talent's need for freedom

Faris Yakob on why smart people are increasingly seeking to ply their trade outside traditional employment structures - and what agency CEOs must do to compete.

Episode 2

Faris Yakob

Co-Founder, Genius Steals

In this episode, Robin is joined by author, thinker and Genius Steals Co-Founder, Faris Yakob. Famed for his ‘digital nomad’ lifestyle as much as his insights, a LOT of agency people ask him about how to go freelance. 

So he and Robin explore why agency life sucks for a lot of people and what agency leaders can do to avoid great talent choosing to be independent consultants instead. 

Unpacking his own ‘accidental’ journey to becoming a consultant, Faris shares what he sees as the limitations and constraints of working in a traditional agency role. He and Robin also explore the business model inefficiencies that contribute to the pressures that agency CEOs face. 

If you’re interested in Faris’ recipe for how ‘unkillable’ agencies can thrive in an era of increased competition, then don’t miss this episode.


02.20 Why agency life sucks

07.35 How Faris’ nomadic life outside agencies came about

12.20 What people look for from their jobs

14.20 How our business model puts agencies in opposition to clients

17.40 Learnings from the world of management consultancy

21.30 Advice for agency leaders to help them keep top talent

25.20 What makes agencies ‘unkillable’

29.30 The quest for new models

32.20 How creativity can inform every level of the agency business

35.40 Kellogg’s long-term thinking for agencies from 1989

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