7th May 2024

A global perspective on creativity and innovation

Ruth Mortimer on how attitudes to creativity and innovation vary around the world

Episode 6

Ruth Mortimer

Global President, Advertising Week

Ruth Mortimer is the Global President of Advertising Week, so it’s fair to say that she has an unusually broad perspective on our industry, on clients and of course on agencies. 

In this episode, you can really feel her breadth of knowledge – as well as her passion for creativity – as she compares and contrasts different markets. In particular, Ruth unpacks what’s holding back the UK market, as well as what agencies can do about it. 

She also shares her very personal perspectives on AI – not least how it can democratise creativity by bringing voices and innovations into the industry. 

Ruth’s optimism is infectious and her examples are inspiring. So if that sounds like a good way to invest half an hour, then you’ll definitely enjoy this episode.


[03.39] Creativity from a global perspective and how the industry can be different in different places.

[08.43] What causes the lack of creative business problem-solving in the UK? 

[13.31] The right government can open new possibilities to the UK advertising industry.

[16.00] How can we remedy the lack of hope and optimism in the industry? 

[23.39] The impact AI brings to the creative web. 

[28.14] How AI could be a great tool to introduce new voices to the creative industry.

[31.38] Diversity and its impact on a successful business

[35.57] Practical advice for industry leaders.

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