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Below are a few happy customers.

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Please be reassured that here is the only place he writes in the third person.

Todd Lynch, Managing Director, Worldcom

“As an exclusive organization of independent public relations firms, we work diligently to bring targeted, meaningful content and conversations to our members. Robin served as a closing keynote for our conference and he is an excellent presenter and facilitator. He also spent time getting to know our members, enabling him to tailor his presentation and make an even greater impact”

Holly Hall, MD, British Interactive Media Association

“As an active leader within the BIMA community, mentoring members and co-chair of the BIMA Growth Council, Robin was the perfect choice to lead our panel event, ‘How Agency Propositions Are Evolving’. A great example of BIMA’s thought leadership for the UK digital industry, this was one of our best attended events. He expertly led the diverse and senior panel, ensuring we covered a huge amount of ground without sacrificing depth on this crucial subject”

John Harris, President and CEO, Worldwide Partners

“The shift to virtual events has required speakers to galvanize an audience without the benefit of a physical connection. Robin masterfully and provocatively championed the power of agency specialization for our global audience of 500 independent agency leaders. He outlined a clear set of actions to enable our members to stand out in a highly competitive and overly commoditized agency landscape. His session was one of the highest rated of our conference, and his passion left an indelible mark on our organization”

Adam Fennelow, Head of Services, Design Business Association

“The DBA invited Robin to speak to our audience of design agency leaders about what was new and what was important. What they got was insightful, to the point, and action-oriented – addressing the difficult points that many agencies know they should deal with but manage to ignore”

Graham Kemp, Director, Alliance of Independent Agencies

“It takes a special talent to engage a room full of busy agency CEOs for two hours, but Robin Bonn did just that at the AIA CEO Breakfast meeting. His topic was well chosen and well received. ‘Make Yourself Scarce’ is an increasingly important challenge for agencies to address in an overcrowded market where a strong differentiation is needed to avoid the commoditisation trap. Robin has a clear position on this and expresses it with passion”

Tom Beck, Executive Director, Society of Digital Agencies

“Robin led a session at our annual, global summit in Lisbon. He challenges the conventional wisdom of agency leaders and pushes them to ask tough questions of themselves. He also provides the right level of insight and encouragement… the sturdy (but friendly) nudge we often need to make the courageous decisions that really matter. Robin’s wit, perspective and expertise were a welcome addition to our event”

Paul Squirrell, Director, The Network One

“We asked Co:definery to challenge our members to rethink how they grow. Robin didn’t disappoint, giving our audience of international agency leaders a range of practical alternatives to well-established habits that are past their sell-by date”

Claudia Josephs, General Manager, European Brand & Packaging Design Association

“Robin spoke frankly at our conference and encouraged the audience to reflect on agency values, positioning and proposition. He called out what’s often long forgotten, neglected or has simply never been done. A great wake-up call with very clear recommendations. Thanks a lot, Robin”

Steve Davies, CEO, Advertising Producers Association

“Robin gave a talk designed to help APA members – commercials production, editing, VFX, audio post and music companies – drive growth in new markets. These are successful, entrepreneurial businesses, but with their focus on doing great work, they often can’t find time to think about the future. Robin challenged them to think about their businesses and what they wanted to achieve, as well as what they’d need to change. The session proved very popular with our members”

Jody Osman, Group Director of Business Growth, Propeller

“Propeller hosted an event to explore how the pitch process could be improved, with a panel featuring agency, intermediary and procurement experts. After taking our brief, Robin invested his time before, during and after the event to make sure everything ran smoothly and gave us great confidence it was in good hands. He delivered a brilliant session, helping to involve everyone in a lively debate and managing the flow of the discussion to keep the 100+ audience engaged throughout”

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