Headspace is always in short supply, particularly when it comes to ramping up growth. So here are some ideas for real change, in double quick time.

It’s already new year, you’ve barely got back to work, the phone keeps bloody ringing and you’re still no nearer to having the headspace to think properly about new-business in 2017.

If only there was a handy list of suggestions that would quickly make a big difference, without months of navel gazing or costing a king’s ransom…

*ahem* oh, look!

Having worked with a wide range of agency, consulting and technology businesses, from global networks and start-ups, to indies gearing up to sell, I’ve seen a lot of what works – and what doesn’t.

This perspective helps my clients win more new-business, with less effort, and have more fun doing it.

So if you think I might be able to help, why don’t we have a cheeky coffee?

Image: hutui6.com