These slides accompanied Co:definery’s recent workshop for The Network One – the world’s leading independent agency network.

The audience was a range of CEOs, founders and new-business people from all sorts of agency disciplines, all with their independence in common.

The aim was to challenge the traditional routes to market and remind people that clients ultimately buy expertise – which is why in an over-supplied market, agencies with a meaningful proposition that they demonstrate across their entire customer experience win more often, with less effort and better margins.

Thankfully, being independents, the audience was very much skewed towards having a clear vision, rejecting traditional so-called ‘best practice’ and defining the new-business model best suited to their own unique context. Phew – less risk of a tough crowd!

Thanks to everyone who took part – and of course to the team at The Network One for the invitation and support on the day.

Making Newbiz Bespoke – The Network One, May 2017 from Co:definery